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Jacob or JB or Jake came to us from a shelter in Ruidoso NM. He had been there for over a month and they loved him too much to put him down so kept searching for a rescue group that would take him. Jacob appears to be a Vizsla mix, he is 5-6 months old and just cutting canines. He has a natural tail and dews on, weight is about 25 lbs presently. He could be V/lab or, due to the very light cream roaning on his legs, a V/heeler. He came to the shelter as an unclaimed stray. The main dogs in the shelter area are Chow, Rotties, or heelers. His coat is short and his body type not right for any local mix but with perhaps the heeler. Jacob is a real cuddler, a happy camper about the whole world people and dogs alike. He is in a foster home with older children. We typically do not place dogs with unknown backgrounds with toddlers but children older than 10 would be considered. He is very quiet and has not barked yet. He is crate trained but not yet fully housetrained. Jacob is a puppy who will need all the training and attention implicit in his young age.

Jacob got a jazzy new name and home about a block from his foster family. His new family reports that house training is going well and that he is working hard on learning his commands (allowing for selective puppy hearing). Coltrane hopes to fill their home with happy feet for a long, long time.

Summer 2004: Just thought I'd give you a quick update. Coltrane is growing up so fast, I'm frightened that his puppy stage will be over all too quickly (although I won't miss the chewing and playful nipping!). He loves going to the dog park and playing with his new friends. We met Sage there a couple of times, and it took him by surprise - he thought he was the fastest dog in the park!!! He's also turned into a bit of an extreme hiker, running around and hucking off rocks with great glee (despite our consternation). He is such a boy dog, living life fully in the present.

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