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Nov 2019: Jackson is a 2yo male from a WA shelter and was suspected of killing a cat (neighborhood cat was found dead in the yard) so the shelter wasn't comfortable placing him. He is cute, has a natural tail and dew claws still on so not likely from a reputable breeder. We like our cats but chasing cats is what dogs do and he gets along with all of the foster dogs and people, including kids.

Nov 2019, Linda writes: All in all it's going really well. He's an angel in the car he, likes car rides which is good because I like to take them everywhere as much as possible. Nights are awesome, he loves to sleep with me and that's OK because Watson broke that house rule. He will be meeting the dog walker today. He's been walking great on trails on leash at this point. I wait a long time before we try off leash and then I do it with a really long lead. It's Veteran's Day... Thank to all the veterans and thank you for Jackson!

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