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JACK (was GUS)

Jack came into rescue as a stray at about 18-mos old from a rural area. When attempts to locate an owner failed we accepted him into the program and found him to be a great dog with an awesome temperament. He was great with other dogs, kids and manageable with cats.

Feb 2011: Debi & Ron had recently lost both of their vizslas to age related illness and were looking to fill a void in their lives. They just happened to live very close to Teresa who was fostering Jack for us in north Idaho so it was a pretty easy match... and a sure thing for all. As a farmer Ron is busy around the property most of the time so everyone has company in and out all day.

Apr 2011, Debi writes: Jack is doing great!! He is so good and we love him so much! He is also good with our baby V. They play rough, but little "Vada" instigates most of it. She is around 23-lbs now so she's definitely growing! Remember when I told you I didn't think I'd sleep with a dog again? Well, I lied. I have BOTH of them not just ON my bed, but IN my bed!! I can't believe how we make ourselves uncomfortable for them! Jack used to start off the night with me and end up with Ron, but the last several nights, I have them both. In our few nightly trips outside, potty training Vada, we come back in, Jack will look at me and whine, I ask him why he doesn't go sleep with his Dad, but he stares me down until I lift the blankets and he jumps in. He's doing better with not jumping on us and the backdoor. He knows I don't like it, so he'll sit back away from the door and wait for me to open it. He's a good boy! We don't put him in the kennel anymore because he has stopped stalking the cats. He has the run of our house during the day. Vada has managed to escape from her kennel a couple of times, but besides dragging my coat and shoes around, they just jump up in the recliner and nap together. Wish I could win the lottery so I could stay home with them all day!

Dec 2011, Deb writes: We LOVE Jack...he's a great guy and just such a well-mannered dog. First picture is Jack and Vada on the table in the laundry room watching squirrels. Jack doesn't like being outside when it's cold, so I had to make a perch for them inside. Next is Jack and Vada wearing Santa hats...as you can see, Jack could care less!! Last pic is the one I had put on our Christmas cards this year. I wanted them to wear Santa hats, but it was hard enough getting them to sit still long enough for this one. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

Dec 2012, Debi & Ron write: Here is a copy of our Christmas card. We LOVE Jack (Gus). He is such a great dog!!! He loves to be cuddled like a baby and gets as close to you as he possibly can. We can't thank you enough for our precious boy!!!!

July 2013: Jack loves to be covered up at night, so I bought them beds with a cover attached and Jack LOVES his...he can burrow clear down into it. Vada would rather wrap up in a blanket. As you can see, Jack has gotten used to the cat he wanted to chase when he first arrived....and snooze time for two puppies! It's hard to get many pictures outside because he moves too fast!!! He can jump so high when he's chasing a squirrel in tree and just doesn't seem to tire of it! No wonder he stays so skinny! Jack is funny too... if you squeak one of his toys, he will "talk" or howl!! So cute! He has his routine in the morning with a stuffed animal in his mouth, wiggling around wanting you to talk to him, and he kind of "groans" while he's strutting around. He makes the same noise when we each get home from work. I think he's just really happy!

Oct 2016: Jack & Vada got a new vizsla sister when Debi & Ron welcomed Phoebe into their home. Thanks for giving an older girl a dream retirement home!

Dec 2019: Please visit Jack at The Bridge.

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