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It starts with Rosie's story... Rosie was brought to a small town shelter in mid-November 2011 as a very pregnant stray. Lucky for Rosie, June with Idaho Weimaraner rescue wasted no time going to pick her. Having pups in a rural city pound would not have been safe for Rosie or her babies and her Vizsla impersonation was good enough we couldn't turn her away. It was truly a Thanksgiving blessing for Rosie and on Nov 27th she whelped 16 pups. A huge "Thank You" goes to the VizslaTalk community who came together to support Rosie and her pups by giving them names and providing funding for their care. Against all odds, all 16 puppies thrived. Rosie may not have any Vizsla in her but at times we have to make decisions from a distance and we would rather err on the side of taking in a mix than missing a Vizsla in need. For more on Rosie and the original puppy pictures click here.

Jun 2012, original bio: Finley aka Suzi is a 6-mo old likely lab/chessie/pointer mix. That's our best guess after a DNA test on their momma and Finley appears to have had a black lab daddy. She is looking for a new home due to changes in her original family. She has a single coat slightly longer than the typical vizsla, docked tail and a great attitude. Finley is a happy girl but can be a little shy in new situations and needs a secure encouraging environment. She is quick to learn and wants to please. She loves everybody and is good with dogs and cats. She likes kids but we don't recommend her for a busy household because she needs all of your attention to help her become the best dog ever. At 6-mos and 50-lbs she should fill out to about 65-lbs when full grown. Finley is spayed, microchipped and UTD on the basic vaccines. Finley (now Indigo!) was known as Sally Anne in the litter.

Nov 2012: Indi found her perfect home when Claire & Jason agreed to foster her after her first home returned her when the new baby developed allergies. Having just lost their beautiful vizsla, Amber, to bladder cancer they were not looking for a dog like Indi but it didn't take her long to work her magic on them. Maybe it was because she wasn't like Amber and maybe there is still another vizsla in their future, but for now Indi is Claire's new agility partner and Rye's baby sister. She was quickly re-christened IndiGO! in honor of her spirit and the agility titles waiting down the road for her.

Visit the Photo Gallery for more photos.

Other pups from this litter are:
     Mom Rosie
  1 Abby (Nutmeg)
  2 Allie (Reillys Girl)
  3 Daphne (Emma)
  4 Enzo
  5 Gracie
  6 Indigo (Suzi)
  7 Layla
  8 Nellie (Moki Velvet)
  9 Purdy (Precious)
10 Scout
11 Sydney (Tige)
12 Tiger Lilly (Morgan)
13 Titan (Hutton)
14 Wilson (Rags)
15 Zeva (SallyAnne)

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