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Hunter is a drop-dead gorgeous 2-yr old, 65-lb vizsla with a rock solid temperament... a shelter stray. We have had him at music concerts meeting kids of all ages and other dogs and he is wonderful. However... and this is a BIG however... he seems to have a high *chase drive* for running children so is not acceptable for a home with kids. We suspect someone has played rough with him and when he gets excited he pounces, digs, paws and mouths... not aggressive but he plays very rough. He comes to call off leash and is a retrieving fool. He has mild separation anxiety. We believe this is very manageable but whether he is the dog for you depends on your situation, experience with separation anxiety and what is tolerable for you. He has not been destructive but does bark if left in a car or crated at home. He is noticably better with another dog and he does well at doggie day care and even better when he is well exercised. He is not good with cats and has not been evaluated for hunting.

Oct 2005: Hunter's home found him while they were grieving the sudden loss of 12-yr old Csibesz. Manitoba Canada is a long way from Boise ID but Inge & Michael had already thought of everything and were willing to drive to Idaho to meet Hunter. They had also contacted Elaine with Canadian vizsla rescue as well as their good friend Beryl who had helped them find their beloved Csibesz. All agreed it was a perfect fit for Hunter who needed a loving home where his exposure to running children would be minimal and Inge & Michael who needed a good dog to fill the hole in their hearts. In early September we met Inge & Michael in Big Sky MT and Hunter became a Canadian citizen. Hunter is enjoying walks with Michael and playing fetch with his favorite toy- a Chewber- when he's not hanging out on the couch in Inge's office. Thirteen year old Maddie thought life was fine as an only dog but she accepted Hunter into the fold and you can see she Michael's lap is still reserved for her. Enjoy your handsome "goofus"!

Dec 2005: Hunter's new mom is a professional photographer and this year Inge did a portrait shoot at one of the local pet stores for their annual Pet Photos with Santa, where the proceeds go to the Humane Society. Inge writes: I did over 126 clients, from guinea pigs to horses, with many dogs and cats in between. I thought you might like to see Hunter and Maddie with Santa. Thank you so much for bringing Hunter into our lives. He continues to be a happy boy, who thinks he has died and gone to Heaven every time one of the Pet Photo clients comes to pick up an order, because, being animal lovers, they just love to lavish attention on the two vizslas. Visit Inge at Images By Inge.

Aug 2006: Hunter got a new buddy this month when Grissom joined the family. We were delighted to see Hunter again in Big Sky country when he came to meet his new brother but the special treat for us was to see him so happy with his new family.

Dec 2012: Grissom & Hunter had an exciting year with a move across the big pond to their new home near London, England. Michael writes: 'The boys' are revelling in the English countryside more and more. Grissom, of course, continues to enjoy what he has always done best - just rush about aimlessly at about 28mph, nose 1" from the ground, though with a remarkable ability to spot a pussycat 100 yards ahead. Down by the river, he quickly discovered ducks. Yesterday, he was under a bush by the river bank, up to his tummy in water, investigating a duck's nest. What has been just as pleasing is to see Hunter regain his youth. From trotting about here and there, as befits a senior dog, he is now almost as enthusiastic as the Griss, and charges around looking for anything that moves, particularly birds who take to the air with indignant alarm calls. They have both become water dogs, and they love fishermen who are careless enough to leave their bait out for easy snacking. We're attaching two photos taken just in the last week of the boys exploring the riverbank. A very Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year!

Nov 2013: We received the sad news that Hunter lost a brief battle with cancer this month. Hunter will be missed but leaves his family in capable paws with vizsla brother, Grissom, and recently adopted, Sarah from Hungary. (Visit Hunter at The Bridge.)

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