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The Davis County Animal Shelter found Holly roaming the streets on 12/9/98. We became aware of her on 12/20 and she immediately came home. Holly's name came from a list member who suggested it since we got her during the "holidays."

Holly is a fast little girl who loves to play with other dogs. She loves fetching sticks, balls, squeak toys, socks etc. She is a live wire and gets so excited that she leaps vertical in the air. She has a good nose and watches birds with great interest.

She missed many meals before coming to join us so she spent the first days guarding the food bucket. She was also in season but on 12/26 the vet could feel no swelling, concluded she was not pregnant and she was spayed.

Two weeks later Holly woke one morning looking "down". She would not eat and declined to get off the bed. Lots of tests and a day later they found an aneurysm of a blood vessel by her tummy. Holly required emergency surgery to save her from bleeding to death and racked up $1300 in fees. This was paid for by the many donations and generosity of VTalk and Ingle & Mead list members, and a donation from VCA National. THANKS TO ALL!!!

Holly now lives with Katrina and Chris in Lewis Run, PA. She has a V brother Tabasko, a chocolate lab brother Ukon and lots of doggie friends. She loves to bury her head in the snow while chasing things, romp in the fields, chase butterflies, and fish. Katrina says she will wade into the stream and herd the fish into a group and then bob and try to catch them.

May 2007: Katrina writes that Holleigh is doing well. She recently recovered from surgery to remove several fatty tumors (which also got mom to stay home with her for 12 days!) but we are happy to report she is thriving in her new home.... and still being spoiled from the looks of that alligator!

Dec 2011, Katrina & Don write: We lost Holleigh Nov 30th due to an emergency gastric distention (bloat). We struggle daily with our loss as she was our main focus in life! We are devastated as she was doing well for her age.

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