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Original story: Deuce is 1-2 years old and an unclaimed stray from a local shelter. Deuce is on the smaller side at 22" and 45 lbs., deep red color, tail docked, dews off. Deuce is not quite sure how to play with all the dogs at my house but he does love to run fast and be in front of the pack races. He also likes the soccer ball and to carry it and chase it around. His #1 problem is lack of training for basic obedience like sit, stay, down, wait, and come. He is house trained but will try to chew things and he will counter surf when no one is watching. He needs someone who can provide lots of exercise and lots of consistent, positive training. He is a vocal whiner when crated but I would not leave him with run of the house while gone. He is a total lover but may be too much for an older dog that does not appreciate boundless energy. He is a happy boy and when he wags his tail he touches nose to tail and it is in hyper speed! Deuce CANNOT be left in a yard unattended as he will figure a way out. He is not yet good off leash so will need to be on leash or a drag line until you have a chance to work on his recall. He will chase cats if allowed to so will require management in order to learn to live with cats.

Apr 2009: Henry (was Deuce) came into rescue in January 2008. He spent a long time with the Dowdell clan looking for the perfect place. Henry had a couple of mild seizures in foster care. Linda had seen him on the website but had a trip planned overseas so needed to wait a month or so before he could join her. Linda had previously adopted Jack from our group in 2005 but sadly Jack passed in June 2008. Henry has some big shoes to fill but it seems he is doing a fine job. He loves to go to bed with his chew toy and then nod off after awhile. He listens well, loves treats, and will run in the crate for a treat. He gets to have a mid-day romp with the dog walker and Linda reports that everyone who meets him loves him. How could anyone resist that tail to nose butt wiggle!

Jun 2009: I wanted to write and let you know that Henry is doing great. He is a perfect rascal/spitfire. He graduated this month out of the crate with very little trouble. He has the run of the house when I am at work, and has behaved very well. He knows when I am ready to leave, goes to his bed, and waits there for his treats while I exit. He is the happiest boy. Does well off leash on the trails. Runs like the wind, and has pretty good recall. He takes a hike with the dog walker and his four legged friends every day that I am at work. I was told the other day that your dog is "too happy". He plays for hours chasing flies and butterflies while I garden. Wakes at 0630 for a morning short walk in the park and then back to bed till breakfast at 0800. I have included some photos.... and he hasn't had a seizure since December 1st. Hurrah! Hope all is well with you. Henry and Linda

Jan 2010, Linda writes: I tell Henry many times that I must write you and tell you how much I love him. He is also very popular in the neighborhood. Everyone wants to say hi when they walk by. He makes everyone laugh, puts a smile on their face. He is still the clown, very playful and puppy like. Everyone says how happy he is. He is still the best wiggle dancer in town. When I do house work he has to be RIGHT there.... nose poking between my knees or under my elbow while scrubbing the floor. Another trick is to take his paw and wrap it around my ankle. It is raining here and he is still snuggled in bed. He does not like to be disturbed in the morning. He did have to go to the Vet in October for a left elbow injury. Seems he has had some previous injury to this elbow according to an x-ray. So no more ball chasing. He does play hard and wild, so this can be hard on his joints. He now gets glucosamine with breakfast, and seems to be doing just fine. And I stop the wild play. I am including some pictures.

Jan 2011: Henry is doing great. He is loved by everyone!! He had a little surgery last month to remove a growth under his eye which turned out to be just a wart. He also had a little seizure in November. It has been two years since he had one. I still believe it is when he is stressed or uncertain. I had fallen off a ladder one week prior so was spending a lot of time in bed... broke a couple of ribs, had the ugliest back eye with many bruises. He knew I was not the same. His seizure was so minor I wasn't sure what was going on at first. Ten minutes later we are out for his evening pee. He is very popular and well known on the trails. He knows just the suckers he can get a treat from and loves his daily hikes. In fact, he is staring at me now since we are getting a late start. It is time to put on his red rain coat and hit the trails. He must make sure all is well with the world. We hope you had a Very Merry Happy Holidays.

May 2014 Linda writes: I am sorry to write you that Henry died suddenly last Tuesday due to cancer of the spleen/liver. He had a great morning, usual playing and hiking. I took a shower and came out to find him collapsed. I rushed him to the ER and 2 hours later euthanized him. It feels unbearable at times without him. He was the best, and of course thought I would have him for a long time. He continued to have small seizures infrequently but otherwise was a happy healthy dog. He was loved by me and many others. He was a heart stealer. I will miss him so much. Slowly mending. Visit Henry at The Bridge

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