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Original story: Adin & Paxton are two very sweet boys who came into rescue after being left outside a rural shelter in a kennel run in the middle of the night. Adin found his home but Paxton is still looking. Paxton is 40 lbs, about 10 months old, proper tail dock, dews removed. Paxton is a happy, well adjusted dog who likes to play with other dogs. He likes to sit on top of you on the couch and wash your face. He rides well in the car and is crate trained. He is mostly house trained but has had a couple of accidents at night. My neighbor has 5 grandkids and Paxton did well with them but may be too much for very young children. Paxton is still a puppy so chewing is something that must be watched. He needs training to not pull on a leash, not jump on people, and to come when called. He is unknown as a hunter or with cats.

Dec 2009: Ernie & Havoc (Paxton) had become good buddies in foster care. They enjoyed playing tag in the yard and chasing sticks and balls. It was great to find two wonderful homes that lived so close to each other -- OK so out in the wild 1000 miles is close, right? So Ernie's home in MT drove to meet Rebecca in ID and Havoc got to ride along with Ernie to MT. Havoc's dad was driving at the same time, down from Canada to meet him at Ernie's home in MT. So two great dogs got fabulous homes in one caravan drive.

Jan 2010, Warren writes: Here is the most recent picture of Havoc under the Groat Road Bridge while we cross country skied along the frozen banks of the North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton. He's doing really well and is an absolutely phenomenal dog. Of all the days I have left him home alone, I have never restricted his movements and he has only chewed 1 shoe... and I have to shoulder the blame because it was the last of three long days alone and it was so cold outside that I wasn't spending enough time with him.

May 2010: Havoc has turned into quite the hiker (although he has to sleep inside my sleeping bag with me most nights due to the cold). He has his own backpack and brings food, treats, a brush for ticks and a sweater with him. It has it's water system that he is learning to drink out of. He's doing great and starting to mellow out. We have been baby-sitting a few other dogs off and on and Havoc is awesome with all of them. (New pictures!)

Mar 2011: I haven't let you know how Havoc is for quite some time. He is doing very well - although sometimes he is too smart for his own good and can escape almost any fenced and gated enclosure... but he's so cute when he comes slinking up to see me that I can't be too mad at him. He loves to play with the horses, but keeps a safe distance from them. Here's a picture of him after he fell asleep in the lawn cuttings pile in the horse field.

Dec 2012, Warren writes: Paxton a.k.a Havoc made an awesome recovery after his Adisson's diagnosis. He was on steroids for about 1 month and only occasionally takes them now. He is completely back to himself. We bought a 20 acre farm in the country so Havoc really enjoys it and learned all about porcupines this fall! Happy Holiday's.

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