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Hasta is a 6-yr old purebred vizsla. With three kids and a job change her family felt she needed more attention than she was getting so we started looking for a home where she could be the "princess" and still get to hunt in the fall. Karon & Frank were just beginning their search for a vizsla and happened to call Penny the same weekend she heard about Hasta. At 6-yrs, Hasta, is a little more settled than most, had basic obedience and had been a companion hunter so she seemed like a perfect match for someone starting out with their first vizsla (Frank) and someone who had experience with vizslas, shorthairs & horses as well as a hunting background (Karon). In true vizsla fashion Hasta wasted no time weaseling her way into their hearts.... and onto the couch. Enjoy your new vizsla princess and we are looking forward to some hunting stories this fall.

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