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Harley aka Mr. Pink or Flyer came into rescue from a local breeder who was not able to sell all the puppies. Mr. Red, Mr. Pink and Mr. Black all had a great time in foster care with the Dowdell big dogs. It did not take long for his forever family to find him. Brenda likes to do agility and obedience with her dogs and was looking for a puppy to train. Mr. Pink was the most bold of the brothers, fearless, and high drive. So Harley went to join the clan of women which includes Wild Red Rose, a very special needs rescue dog that the family had adopted back in October of 2003.

Nov 2010: Brenda reports Harley is doing fine. He's bold and a little bit of a bully. He has been taken down by all the girls but he just comes back for more. He's very brave for his age. He can sit and is waiting nicely at doors and just starting to understand waiting before he comes out of his crate. We have started the "down" and "walking on leash". He's a fast learner. We are going down to the training building a couple of times a week and he has his first agility lesson on Sunday. We are going to have to keep this boy busy! I'm having a great time!!

Dec 2012: Harley is great. We are working on obedience, agility and a little freestyle . He's healthy happy and well adjusted. He has some problems with focus and staying on task but neutering helped and he is still young. Love love him. He loves his girls. How are his brothers? I hope you had a great Christmas.

Jul 2016: Hi guys, I wanted to give you an update on Harley. He has received his Beginning Novice title, his Novice title and just last weekend he got two legs on his CDX obedience title. I didn't start showing him until March of 2015 so he has accomplished a lot in eighteen months. He NQ one time for three titles. One more leg for his CDX then on to Utility. If all goes well we will compete for his UD in October at the Boise shows. He is a great dog and as over come many issues. I thank you for him everyday. Brenda

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