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Harley is a 2 yo female, V mix. Her mix is unknown but might be GSP or Weim or Dobe. She has the V face and personality but her color is more toward chocolate than red. Harley was identified by vets and shelter workers as a Vizsla so I was a bit surprised when I finally met her after her 4 hour car ride up to Salt Lake. Harley has red in her coat and down her back, legs and chest. Harley is a special needs girl in that she has only one eye. She is about 23 inches, 50 lbs., a tad chubby. Her tail is docked and dew claws removed. She does not seem to think she has a "special need" except to sit in your lap and dispense kisses. She was owner released to our program as being incompatible with a horse ranch and guest house as she would pester guests 24/7 for attention. She was adopted from a shelter in Hurricane UT about a year ago and vets said then she was only about 12 months old. The eye had been removed prior to her being found as a stray so we have no information on the cause. Harley is doing good with my dogs and is trying to get them to play. She is being crate trained in foster care. Her previous family says she is great with the barn cats, likes to swim, has been around children but not lived in the home with them. Harley did great off lead at the horse ranch and never ran away. She does need work on all basic obedience commands. She has been allowed on the couch and the bed. She has no had any accidents at our home yet but is not considered 100% housetrained since she spent much of her time outside and slept in the garage. Special thanks to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary for transportation!!

May 2003: Betsy reports that Harley did well on the long drive home. She is enjoying wrestling matches on the couch and walks and runs around town as well. She also loves to chase the cat down the hall. Betsy also says "one of the first things she did when she got here was get a hold of a stuffed animal toy and ripped its eye out - the same eye she's missing! Now it is just the cutest thing, she carries the one-eyed toy around with her all over the house." Take care of our cutie chocolate V who will forever wink at you.

Nov 2014: We received the sad news this month that Harley passed away at 14+ years of age. Please visit Harley at The Bridge.

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