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Happy is a 12-mo old old English pointer/lab mix in need of a home due to divorce. He has been both an inside and outside dog and is accustomed to farm/ranch life but is thriving in his foster home as a true member of the family. He is a bit shy at first meeting but warms up very quickly and is an extremely loving and happy boy. Okay with older kids (he's afraid of the little ones) and other dogs, he needs leash training as he had never seen one before March but he does not jump up on people, is not a fence jumper or barker and learns very quickly. He is socially and treat motivated. He is not recommended for a home with cats. It appears Happy is determined to live up to his name and now he just needs a family to love him forever!

May 2005: Happy found the family he was looking for with a mom who loves him enough to work with him to build his confidence and an extended family to teach him that the world does not have to be a scary place. Have fun with Licorice & Abbie, be brave meeting new friends, don't bark at night, protect your mom from the garter snakes and don't eat too many hamburgers!

Jan 2008: Happy says "Happy New Year"! I don't think he was too happy to sit on the ice, I think that he is sticking his tongue out at me! The wind was blowing really hard at the lake so his ears are sticking out in the wind! (new pics)

May 2009: We went to Hell's Canyon on Friday. Wasn't sure how Happy would handle the stairs because they are pretty steep! He had one moment of panic on the first set and turned around to go back to the car, but Tony helped him down a couple and then he got the hang of it. It was still a funny sight to see. Took him about 5 minutes for each set of stairs. Then we got charged by a mountain goat! It was in the trail and it's trail up the mountain was a few feet in front of us so it took off running right at us then darted up the trail. It was stinky! Happy didn't know what to think of that! Anyway, here's a couple of pics.

Jul 2010: Happy the golf caddy! (new pic)

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