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Hailie is a 6-7 month old Vizsla mix. Her mom is a Vizsla but we suspect dad was a black lab. All pups in the litter were black with a white star on the chest and red coat highlights. Her coat is a tad longer than V's but not as heavy as a lab. Hailie is a small girl at only 25 lbs. She has growing to do but mom is small so we expect her to be 35-40 lbs at most. Hailie did not get the best social start and lived in the yard with her mom and litter and went in the house at night. She was in good shape physically and was not mistreated but had never been in a car or on leash and not socialized enough. She is shy at first meeting but quickly warms up to humans and dogs of all types. We would like her to go to a home with other dogs who can help her confidence and also young enough to play with her. Hailie is crate trained and she has been allowed on the couch and bed. She has had one accident in the house but it could be that the humans were not paying attention. She is learning to sit but will need obedience classes and lots of social tours -- even though she did pretty well at the pet store. She eats like a champ and will run into her crate for a treat. She is learning to play with toys and is a puppy so chewing is a given.

Update: Karen had an application in with the WA rescue group. Kate volunteered to do a home visit and come to find out how small the world is, they both knew the same friends. So Kate gave the green light for the adoption and Hailie made the trip up via Boise. Karen reported that "we are crazy about her". Hailie is getting all the socialization that she missed in her early life, going on car rides, going to pet stores. And Mark is her special buddy and she keeps a close eye on him. Hailie like all good dogs with V genes is a master snuggle bunny. Enjoy your tiny princess.

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