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Hadley's mom was a Vizsla and dad was the next door yellow Lab. Her family gave her up because the hubby never wanted a dog and they had 3 very young children and Hadley was too energetic. Hadley was born in their yard but after she grew up, the "birth experience" did not become a lifetime commitment and at 9-mos old she came into rescue. She was crate trained, loved other dogs and especially loved sitting in laps and getting rubs 24/7.

In November 2000 Hadley went to live with Chris and Greg in WA where she is the spoiled little sister to their V boy, Sunny. Apparently Hadley quickly dismissed Sunny's dominance issues and weaseled her way into the pack with ease. She is quite the chewer and her new humans keep her well supplied with nylabones and other "legal" chew toys as they know that is cheaper than leaving her to find her own things to chew on. They also know that a happy dog is more important than having a gorgeous lawn and this winter theirs is getting a real workout with Hadley chasing and sliding after the balls. (Gee, wonder who would be throwing those balls?) She is getting swimming lessons from Sunny but does not like the deep water. Hard to know whether Sunny is leading her into deep water to show off or to teach her- or perhaps he's trying to LOSE her. Not a chance, Sunny boy. We think Hadley girl is home to stay!

July 2001 - Chris writes: One day I was telling a friend that when Sunny takes a treat, his "gentle" is much more aggressive than Hadley has ever been. Sunny must have overheard because he now is competing with Hadley for the "gentle" award! ...And who says old dogs can't learn new tricks?

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