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Original story: Loomis is a nearly 4-yr old male (b 11/2004) in need of a new home because his family is moving to an apartment. He is good with cats and has lived with a human baby. He likes other dogs but might do best as an only dog as he is a toy fanatic and can be possessive of special toys. Loomis has never met a stranger in his life, loves to play fetch, retrieves to hand, plays in the sprinkler, respects fences and is a big lovable lughead of a vizsla at 60-lbs. As a new intake we are still getting to know him and we will update this bio as we learn more.

Loomis seemed the perfect match for Bill & Chris who were looking for an outgoing dog with reliable recall who was also good with cats. Thanks folks for making the long trek to Boise from the hinterlands of NV to meet your new boy! And thank you to Karen & Pat in Boise for providing a great foster home.

Aug 2008: Our meeting with Karen and Loomis went off without a hitch. He stayed with us at the motel and after a few wily tries at getting under the covers with us, took a guard position on the foot of the bed. I awoke about 3:00 am and he had moved to a more comfortable position between us. We left Boise early Saturday for the 460 mile trip back, stopping often to let him stretch his legs. He traveled very well, and ran around (and poked his nose everywhere) when he arrived here. He had a minor confrontation with our other dog Alex when he got a little too curious (she's a spayed female) but she straightened him out and they are already buddies, We took them for a walk this morning where they found rabbits, quail and one deer which they chased briefly. We've chosen a new name for Loomis -- Augustus, or Gus, after Robert Duval's character in 'Lonesome Dove'. Results in rather elegant names for our dogs; Alexandra and Augustus. Gus has met our 20 yr old cat Jake but it's too soon to describe their relationship as friendly, perhaps tolerant is a better term......the important thing though is that Gus kept his distance and showed wary respect so I think they'll get along fine. He fits in great here and has already met all of our expectations, except hunting, but dove season starts in another week so I'll introduce him then.......I am hopeful because he's very 'keen', and has great curiosity of his surroundings....key ingredients for a hunter.

Sep 2008: Gus and Alex are buddies, and Gus is teaching Alex how a normal dog acts so we're seeing steady improvement from her. Gus and our cat Jake are also getting along just fine. All in all, Gus is a great fit here. He doesn't wander, preferring to be where we are.

Jan 2013: Gus is doing fine. He takes long walks every day and so is very fit. He weighs 75 pounds, a good weight for him I think. He encounters deer frequently but does not chase them and he's stopped chasing rabbits.... too much effort I think. Of course, he sleeps at the foot of our bed, with a wool throw over him in colder weather. He and our cat (a Siamese named Sam) are good pals. Gus is friendly with everyone, nonconfrontational and very affectionate.... a typical Vizsla. I'm attaching some pictures our neighbor took of Gus and their rescued coyote named Sandy. They found Sandy as an infant, raised her, then found a home for her at a rescue facility in Arizona. As you will see, Gus was very patient with her and she loved Gus. Hope all is well with you and the Vizsla Rescue......Keep up the good work. With warm regards, Bill & Chris and Gus.

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