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Original story, May 2014: Gromit is a active young vizsla born in September 2011. He has a proper tail dock, dews removed, neutered. Gromit is a smaller boy at about 21" tall and 40 lbs. He is a nice rich color with a tiny white spot on his chest. He is house trained, crate trained and has some good basic obedience skills - sit, stay, come, lie down, wait. His release word is "good dog" which is a challenge for me as I tell them "good" for doing what I ask and I am using a happy "OK" as a release word which he is learning. He will whine at the door to go out. Like all V's, Gromit loves to snuggle on the couch and be touching or kissing the nearest human. Did I say he loves to kiss your face? He sleeps on a dog bed in the bedroom at the foot of the bed. He can be stubborn or intent on getting his way at times or destructive if left alone. He has not touched anything in our house but he did chew shoes and a crate pad while left in the garage at his former home. He was given up because they had several young children with no time to provide the exercise Gromit needed, and he was not the right breed for them. Gromit gets along well with other dogs but he has a loud play style and he uses his paws much like a cat in play so a younger companion would probably be better than an older dog who does not want to wrestle and play. He was raised with a cat. They also had chickens and he was fine with them but would buzz them from time to time to scatter them. We think Gromit would make an awesome agility dog as he is quick, small, energetic, bright and eager to please. We are working on taking him to more public places to socialize him in different environments. He was shy with my husband at first but when they became buddies when I was gone for a few days.

May 2014: Gromit has been adopted and is glad to have found a family that understands his need to be with his people. He loves snuggling on the couch and bed, loves playing in the big yard with his new sister dog, and will get to try all sorts of adventures. He has a barn hunt scheduled to sniff out mice, gets to visit the office and camp out under the desk for a few hours while mom works, and may get to try agility and obedience to boot. He has already showed off by learning to wait with an almond sitting on his nose and then flipping if off for a treat when given the OK. Be good, be very good, Mr. G. We miss ya.

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