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Tank was born 11/8/05, tail docked too short, dews off. Tank was well loved by his former family but too much dog for a family with 3 small children. He is 24 inches tall, 55 lbs, house and crate trained. He is still all puppy who wants to play 24/7 and he is not very coordinated yet. Tank grew up with a female Weim as a pal and also did well with the family cat, bunny and goat. Tank can be shy at first meeting with people and new dogs and may do a submissive pee. But given time to warm up he had a ball playing with 5 V's in foster care. Tank needs leash work but does not sit, stay, down. He things he is a lap dog and has no space issues so will piles on other dogs or to sit in your lap. He also has no toy or food protection issues.

Sept 2006: Grissom aka Tank found a whole new country to call home! He was adopted by a Canadian couple who have a senior Vizsla named Maddie and a young male Vizsla named Hunter. Hunter was also adopted from us in 9/2005. So along with his new address Tank also got a new name, compliments of the TV show CSI. It should be perfect for a dog with his nose to the ground finding new clues everywhere. Grissom is busy keeping new mom and dad entertained with his leaping and whirling play style as he pesters Hunter into a grand game of fun. Maddie is happy to be left alone by the crazy boys so that she can be a dignified old dame. Grissom and Hunter are getting trips to the photo store and are busy making friends with all they meet. Enjoy the great white north -- my great bug lug of a baby dog -- Auntie Reb.

Dec 2012: Grissom & Hunter had an exciting year with a move across the big pond to their new home near London, England. Michael writes: 'The boys' are revelling in the English countryside more and more. Grissom, of course, continues to enjoy what he has always done best - just rush about aimlessly at about 28mph, nose 1" from the ground, though with a remarkable ability to spot a pussycat 100 yards ahead. Down by the river, he quickly discovered ducks. Yesterday, he was under a bush by the river bank, up to his tummy in water, investigating a duck's nest. What has been just as pleasing is to see Hunter regain his youth. From trotting about here and there, as befits a senior dog, he is now almost as enthusiastic as the Griss, and charges around looking for anything that moves, particularly birds who take to the air with indignant alarm calls. They have both become water dogs, and they love fishermen who are careless enough to leave their bait out for easy snacking. We're attaching two photos taken just in the last week of the boys exploring the riverbank. A very Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year!

Nov 2013: We received the sad news that Gris' brother, Hunter, lost a brief battle with cancer this month. Hunter will be missed but leaves his family in capable paws with vizsla brother, Grissom, and recently adopted, Sarah from Hungary.

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