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Original story: This lovely, purebred German Shorthair Pointer ended up at a shelter in rural southern Idaho and gave birth to 8 puppies. She has been a good mom and her pups are now weaned and beginning to become more independent, so it's time to find this sweet dog a home of her own. We are calling her Gretchen and estimating her age at 2 years. Gretchen is good with people, other dogs and isn't much interested in cats. (Check out her video HERE) This is an energetic dog that loves to run and play fetch, although once indoors settles nicely. Gretchen knows how to 'sit' and takes treats gently. Gretchen is not yet leash trained, so her new family will need work on that! Gretchen needs a 6 foot high fence to contain her or supervision while outdoors. Check out for another video.)

Jan 2011: Gretchen found her wonderful new home in WA with Darrel & Cathy where she will also share her life with a cat and two horses. Weather got in the way of ground travel so on Jan 13th she hopped on a plane and flew to meet her new dad in Seattle. Darrel writes: WOW... what a sweetheart she is. She's already been on my lap stealing my heart. I'm afraid I've already spoiled her. I took her to Reber Ranch and got all her doggy care stuff. Afterward she was crying when she saw the other dogs outside in the play area... I couldn't help but let her play for a bit. All seems be be progressing well.

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