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Gretchen was a stray at the Idaho Humane Society shelter in Boise and came to us on 1/11/02. She is 8 or 9 yrs old and is too tall, too long in the body, too long in the snout but she doesn't know it (or care). She is gentle and sweet and is completely housetrained. She is crate trained but is reliable when left loose in the house and travels well in the car. Good with cats and other dogs. Because of her age she is not a candidate to be a long distance runner but would make a great family dog, fishing partner and couch warmer. She is a master cuddler.

Gretchen's dream home found her in March when Stephanie spotted her on our website. Foster mom, Penny, was concerned about the stress of flying on Gretchen but after many emails, phone calls and soul searching it was decided that Gretchen could fly to Minnesota. We believe the stress of flying was greater for new mom Stephanie waiting in Minneapolis and Auntie Rebecca in Salt Lake than for Gretchen as the plane made an emergency landing in Denver and she arrived two hours behind schedule on a Northwest flight instead of the Delta flight she boarded in Salt Lake! Gretchen emerged from the crate her calm, happy self with her little tail a waggin' and hasn't missed a beat since. Her grace and confidence carry her through life and she is not the least bit bothered by being the new kid in the household. Stephanie reports that she might even be having a calming influence on Rosie, also a 9-yo vizsla, and Gretchen is delighted to have a family with a V sister, kids and a stay at home grandma to boot!

February 2005: Gretchen's time with the Heger family was far too short and we are ever so grateful for the warm, loving retirement home this gentle soul found with her family. Gretchen passed over to the bridge of natural causes. Rainbow Bridge.

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