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Gracie is an 8-yr old vizsla who lost her adoptive home of two years due to divorce. She loves everyone, is great with all the other dogs and acts more like 4 than 8. Her foster home has four other vizslas so when they all get together it is a circus. She was raised with cats and they played together but the foster cats do not have a sense of humor so don't appreciate her chasing them. She loves to run and will chase the ball if the other dogs are not out. She would much rather just spend her time with people being petted. She is also house trained and crate trained. She does kennel well. She is also a rather large girl at about 55lbs. Gracie can be a little timid if things get loud but usually just runs to her crate and says "I am being a good girl". Gracie found her perfect retirement home in Idaho's central mountains with an extended family and other dogs to make her life complete.

August 2007, Kathryn writes: Gracie is as happy as a clam. What a great dog she is! Everyone has fallen in love with her. I just came back from letting her run in the high school soccer field behind our house. She sure can run like the wind.

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