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Goose was given up in February 2003 when he was 9-mos old. With a human baby on the way the family thought Goose needed a home where he would get more attention and regular exercise. Born May 2002 to AKC parents, Goose had typical vizsla energy and a roo-roo that sounded like an entire Shriner's Kazoo Band! He was good with other dogs, okay with cats and quite the little talker!

Miranda and Casey drove all the way from Bozeman MT to meet Goose in Pocatello. Janet & Roxy were kind enough to volunteer their yard as a meeting place for the meeting and adoption. With Goose, two boxer pups, Roxy and Penny's 3 dogs along for the ride it was "quite" the doggie circus. While Roxy & Maggie (the seniors) retreated to the safety of the house, Goose enjoyed himself body-slamming and roorooing the other dogs and his new parents. When it was time to go he sailed into the cab of the truck like he knew it was his and was off to his new life. Reports are that Goose is living large in big sky country with his play buddy, Mike the shorthair, a cool cat named Cloey and of course, Miranda & Casey to dispense lots of hugs. He learned how to turn himself green by rolling in horse manure from Calvin, the relatives' lab, on a visit to the family farm and Casey thinks he's got great hunting potential based on initial outings in the Montana hills. Take care of our rambunctious "Silly Goose" and we're looking forward to some hunting stories this fall!

(Thanks to Miranda & Casey for also bringing the two 6-mo old boxer pups from the Gallatin shelter so they could get to Southern Idaho Boxer Rescue. Clarice & Reggie have also both found new homes thanks to many caring people.)

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