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Ginger & Reba came to us from Colorado when that group had an influx of rescue dogs come in all at once. We knew very little about Ginger except that she was a little shy and was being turned in by her owner who didn't have enough time to spend with her. Bill & Kate were just beginning the search for another vizsla to fill the hole left in their hearts after the tragic loss of their 3-yr old Ginger (yes, the same name!) in a terrible hiking accident. Ginger needed a family to spend a lot of time with her to help bring out the best in her so perhaps this was meant to be. The name alone was enough to seal the deal.

Jan 2008: Ginger has become especially bonded to Bill and, despite her caution with strangers, she will sit on command which gives Bill a chance to control the introductions. She is getting better all the time with friends and neighbors who visit often and the grandchildren are learning to approch with treats in hand and back turned so as not to scare her. She loves her new home and role as little sister to Hailey, the grand dame of the household.

Apr 2010: Ginger got a new brat little brother when Rusty joined the family.

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