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Ginger is the 18 mo daughter of Spice and Jack. All three dogs were given up in Nov 2000 by a breeder who decided to go out of business. Ginger has AKC papers, has had one litter, and her tail was incorrectly docked to a stub and dew claws left on. She is fairly shy with men but we think she will come around with love and attention. She has been a kennel dog and probably not given much more attention than to hunt once in awhile. Ginger does like to counter surf and carry around shoes and slippers. Ginger inherited mom's under bite but her teeth are in fairly good shape and getting better with chewing on bones. Housetraining is coming along well. Ginger will go into the crate for a treat but she will scream if crated while you are home. She is a potential fence jumper so needs to have a good 5-6 foot fence and supervision while outside.

Ginger has a new name of Hanna and is loving her new home after not enjoying the flight in the least! Her new play buddy, Albert the V, is getting a real workout and Suzi reports that Hanna leaves Albert in the dust on her "nutso" runs round the yard. Michael is working to build up her trust and making good progress. Hanna loves to eat and can finish a bowl of food in nothing flat. She is also an old pro at couch and bed hoggin'. Take care of this special girl, Suzi & Michael, and remember that things could only get better after your introduction to Hanna and her "takeover" of your car.

Oct 2001 Suzi writes: Here are a Visit the few photos of nubby for your gallery. I sent you these so you have proof that I haven't killed her yet. Just kidding - she is doing well and she adores Michael (as long as he is sitting or laying down) and she tortures Albert daily. She's a pretty "good girl" most of the time.

Apr 2009: New pictures added of Hanna Banana at approx 11-yrs.

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