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Amy Jo's Purdie Gerdie is a 2-yr old spayed cutie. She has an AKC pedigree and came from KS. Her tail is docked, dews removed, lighter golden rust in color. Gerdie was released by a family who loved her but was allergic to her. Gerdie is housetrained, crate trained (but she does yell some), is high energy and "bouncy", needs closed garbage cans and will jump some fences. She has been around very young children from 18-mos and up but she will be a handful in a family with young kids as she needs a lot of attention. She loves to lick faces, chew toys, and her tail goes full time. She needs more basic obedience work and better leash skills. Gerdie is doing well with both male and female dogs at our house and she loves to play but barks and pesters others to play so might not be best with an older dog who does not like others in their face. Gerdie does sleep on her dog bed at the foot of the bed but would love to graduate to the bed if you allow. She will get off furniture when told. We find no negatives with this girl that positive obedience training methods cannot correct. What we see as positive breed traits might make new comers think twice about this girl -- high energy needs lots of exercise with a runner or such, loves to be in your lap and face, wants to go with you all the time, wants to be the center of your universe because you are hers.

Jan 2005: Gerdie found her perfect home with Andrew & Blue. Andrew is an avid runner and outdoorsman and he includes his dog in his activities. Blue was Andrew's first V and he flew to UT from TX last year. Blue was also a rescue V. When it was time to add V #2, Andrew found Gerdie on our site. We arranged a play date at our home where Gerdie proved that Blue was slow compared to her! Blue and Gerdie seemed to get along great so Andrew decided to take her home and give it a go. After a short time it was clear that Gerdie was fitting in just perfectly -- she in one chair and Blue in another, or both in one chair. So welcome to the Park City crew Ms. Gerdie -- you should have fun with Blue, Ginger, Misty, Hogan, Austin, Gouda and those to come.

Summer 2006: Gerdie & Blue check out Brody's new digs at Wade Lake Cabins. (new pics)

Mar 2008: Gerdie & Blue help welcome Sydney aka Thumper to their Utah territory. (new pics!)

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