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GEN (now ABBY)

Abby was found in a rural area of Canyon County, Idaho in June after apparently falling out of a pickup truck as she had some terrible scrapes along one side of her body. During her stay at the farm where she was found her wounds were treated by their vet and "found dog" reports were filed with area shelters and newspapers. When no one claimed her they contacted Karen, who Sue knew from doggie classes, and told her they had found a dog that looked like her boy, Spinner. Well, they were pretty darned close! Abby is probably a Vizsla/lab cross, about 10-mos old and she was christened "Gen/Generator" because of her non-stop butt wiggle and total enthusiasm for life.

Brad had met his first Vizsla earlier in the year while recovering from surgery in a Texas hospital where one of the therapy dogs happened to be a Vizsla. Shortly after returning home to north Idaho, he and Irene applied to adopt a rescue Vizsla. They were on our waiting list for some time and, while they insisted they wanted a purebred, Brad let it slip one too many times that they had been to look at this dog or that (not Vizslas), so Penny suggested they should at least meet Abby because the more they talked the more she seemed like the right dog for their family- not to mention the right family for Abby! It was agreed that they should meet, so Abby packed her bags, gave Karen & Pat big Vizsla hugs and caught a ride with Penny & Frank to north Idaho to meet Brad and Irene. After a weekend of swimming and hiking around Dworshak Reservoir with Bailey, Hershey and Cinder it was decided that Abby was home. The cats were a bit annoyed that they were not consulted but are learning to cope with the new redhead in the family. Brad says salesmen call this the "puppy close" and perhaps they are right about how well it works because Abby now has a wonderful home where she will get to spend the rest of her days hiking, camping and skiing in the beautiful mountains of north Idaho.

Update Oct 2001: It seems every time Brad and Irene have guests over for dinner we get another application to adopt an Abby-dog and in October Nellie also found a new home in Abby's new hometown.

Nov 2004: Abby lost her partner-in-crime this month after a sad series of events with Bailey's health that made The Rainbow Bridge the only option. Hershey, who was a senior citizen when Abby came to live here, passed away a couple years ago but last year she gained a new family member in Freckles. There have been lots of changes in Abby's life but we're pretty sure Hershey and Bailey are still keeping tabs on Abby, Cinder & Freckles as they hike the trails in north-central Idaho.

Abby wrote a book.... well okay, it's Brad's book but she's inside the back cover and we know she was a big help during the entire process. Nothing like a good dog on your lap for support when you're working on a serious project, right Brad? Visit www.livinggrail.com for more about Voices of the Living Grail and ask for it in book stores.

Nov 2008: We are sad to report Abby lost a battle with cancer in November 2008. No dog could have packed more love into her short life than Abby. Our thanks go out to Brad & Irene for giving her your all. I know she joins some other well-loved canines at The Bridge. Run fast with your buddies Hershey & Bailey boy, Abby!

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