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Sometime late in January of 2001 a man dropped off a male and female V with the Arkansas rescue group. The female was very expectant and on Feb 7 it became clear she had danced with someone other than the male V. Momma had 13 kids all with great "character". Like Kola, Shiloh, and Willow before them, in June Pixie-Loo, Freddy and Neelix came to Salt Lake for foster care and placement. The kids are probably mixed with catahoula leopard dog but have traits that are very V like.

In June Rebecca & Daryl went to a conference in Kansas City and Sherry, their foster mom, drove the 3 pups up so they could catch a ride on the plane back to UT. Freddy is a slow and steady, headstrong boy and built like an ottoman. He has beautiful brown & tan markings and has his momma's Vizsla eyes, ears and a super butt-wiggle. While in foster care he learned about cats from Jake and he went on a couple of test drives to see if he was compatible but was not fond of children and was returned. Penny's friend Caralea fell in love with Freddy when he first arrived in Boise but was not looking for a second dog and hoped and prayed he would find a good home. When she heard about him being rejected for not liking kids she truly felt a kindred spirit calling and could no longer resist Freddy's very special charm. Freddy has a new home with Caralea, Jake's brother Elwood (who she adopted 6 years earlier) and Miss Emmy Lou (who doesn't like other dogs but for some reason likes Freddy just fine). Thank you Caralea for loving our little tank sooooo very much!

Nov 2008: In August Freddy lost a battle with lymphoma which came on suddenly and cut his life short at barely 6-1/2 yrs old. Several weeks after losing Freddy, Caralea & Emmy Lou adopted Molly, a hound cross, who is doing her best to fill the hole in Caralea's heart that was left when Freddy left her life way too soon.

Other pups from this litter are
Boudreau (Neelix)
Loo (Pixie)

Nov 2001 update: Good news! Rosie, Dixie and Cleo from this litter have also been adopted.

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