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Joey & Frankie came into rescue at about 7-mos old when their second home decided two unsocialized vizsla pups were a bit too much to handle. They had never worn collars, never been on a leash, never been in a house and had never ridden in a car. They were christened Frankie & Joey after the Hardy Boys mysteries about two teeneagers exploring and discovering the world around them. Frankie appeared to be the thinker of the two and Joey was the more outgoing social butterfly. We are still in absolute awe at how quickly these dogs adjusted to walking on a leash, car rides and their new homes. Julie was kind enough to make room for these yet unknown pups while we caught our breath and figured out what they needed in terms of medicals and basic social skills.

Feb 2010: Laurie & Fred agreed to foster Frankie in MT and transport arrangements fell into place with help from Karen in Boise and Krew's family in West Yellowstone, Frankie made the trip to Bozeman without a hitch. It truly takes a cooperative effort from dog lovers everywhere to bring things together for these pups. Frankie couldn't have had better mentors than Koby, Jacy, Jasper & Wylie and, most of all, he got a chance to meet Roger & Bryan who lived nearby... and found his perfect home.

Jan 2011: Frankie got a new little sister named Kihei this month.

Dec 2, 2012: Roger & Bryan made the very difficult decision to let Frankie go after his seizures escalated to a point where it was affecting his quality of life. Thanks for giving Frankie a chance to be part of a loving family. We're sure the other Frankie will show him a good time at The Bridge before sending him on his way to a new life.

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