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Original story: Flash is an approx 4-yr old vizsla in north Idaho. He was originally purchased from a pet store in WA state and was owner released from his second home after they realized he needed a more vizsla experienced home than they could provide. He is a little nervous in new settings and will need a quiet home with consistent and calm adults... preferably female. He is a bit needy which is not uncommon for a vizsla but he minds well and wants to learn. He is doing well with crate training, getting along with the other dogs and, yes, even okay with the resident dog savvy cat in his foster home.

His foster mom writes: Flash is good about cookie time, not grabby, very polite. He would be best suited for an adult female home. He is good with Dan but he is my best bud. We have been successful at just leaving him on the porch with the other dogs when we go to town and so far (knock on wood) he has not chewed anything. He plays with Zipper and Axel but doesn’t seem to know how to play with a ball or fetch. He will sniff the counters but so far has not put his feet on them. He has great house manners, finally buffaloed Zipper into letting him share the couch with her. The only issues we are working on is when he is done with his food he wants to share with everyone else but he is learning that if he just goes and lays down things are good. He can be a barker if he can see me outside the fence but he is quiet if I am not here and he is out with Dan. He is really a neat boy.

Jul 2011: Flash found the home of his dreams in northern CA near national forest property with thousands of acres to run, bike and explore. Michelle & Morgan were able to spend time with Flash while on temporary work assignment in Spokane and it apears to be a perfect match. Flash's new family includes a black lab sister named Dylan, a horse, llama & goats.

Jul 21, Michelle writes: FLASH is the perfect dog for us. We're calling him Flash Gordon. This boy can run, just like we asked for, never runs out of energy. We run or mountain bike with him off-leash everyday. He's so well trained that he runs too close. Won't take his eyes off us. When we go for walks in town, we keep him on the leash and he doesn't pull at all. He gets excited when he sees the leash as he knows we're going somewhere fun. He's a great swimmer too. We take him swimming at the lake with us. He even jumped in the lap pool with me and I couldn't get him to stay out (probably because he doesn't want to be separated any distance from his owners.) After we finish with all our activities he goes right back to the truck. Loves riding in the truck. He even goes willingly into his crate to sleep while we travel. At night he sleeps on a blanket, curled up with our labrador Dylan, at the foot of our bed. Flash Gordon appears to be SO happy in his new home and we're thrilled to have him!

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