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Mar 2017: Fiona was released to rescue by an adopter who only had her a short while. She weighed a whopping 80-lbs when we got her simply due to being overfed and not exercised. We are grateful to the releasing owner for reaching out to us for help. COokie wasted no time getting Fiona from central Washington. Ron & Barb also wasted little time driving to Hood River to adopt her once they heard abot her.

Apr 2017: Fiona isn't the prettiest vizsla ever but she sure has personality plus! It took her a little while for both Barb and Fiona to figure out the new dog/house routines but both were determined and Fiona became a well loved member of the family. With diet and son, Matt, taking her for hikes in the foothills she is losing weight. Thanks Barb & Ron for giving a second hand dog a chance at a new and happy healthy life.

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