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Fiona was returned to rescue when her previous adopter had to move out of town and couldn't take her. She is now 6-1/2 yrs old (b. 8/2003), a petite 37-lbs and could stand to gain a few if you have any tricks to accomplish that! She is a master snuggler and cuddler and would love a home with adults who will take her hiking/running, let her sleep in the bed and sit in their lap. She has decent recall on the trail especially with other dogs because she follows them. She likes kids okay but would prefer not to live with them and she is not good with cats. Currently she goes to doggie day care regularly to give the cat in her foster home a break. She is fine with other dogs but could really take them or leave them. People are what she cares about, not dogs. She loves car rides and being with her humans wherever they are. She is good about nail trims, ears and vet visits but can be collar sensitive when she's excited. She is a bit of a princess so if you like your vizslas sassy then "Princess Fiona" might be the dog for you! Fiona is looking for a home within a day's drive of southern Idaho.

Jun 2010: Fiona made huge progress this month when she learned she could be in the same room with a cat... and still breathe, not salivate and even perhaps take a nap. While we would not leave her alone with a cat, we do feel she is manageable with a dog savvy cat. She is more afraid of Jake than aggressive and she is more relaxed with him every day.

Aug 2010: We think Fiona finally hit the jackpot big time when she went to live with David in NV. She loves riding in the big truck and when David isn't driving truck he's hiking and recreating in the beautiful mountains of northern Nevada & California. She is still a finicky eater and will probably never be overweight but she loves her active life on the road and back country hiking with her new best buddy. Thanks David for loving our finicky little princess!

Nov 2016, David writes: This morning at 3:45 Fiona suffered a grand mal seizure. I rushed to the emergency vet and we decided that the best thing for her was euthanasia. I am crying like a baby but I thought you should know and I really appreciate the time I had with her. She was the only the special needs pet I've ever had and that really just made her more adorable.

Penny writes: We did not know in 2010 but not long after adopting her David discovered Fiona was going blind. The two of them did not, however, miss a step and David became Fiona's seeing-eye-human as they continued their adventures in the High Sierras of Nevada & California. David also shared a favorite picture saying... it is one of the best memories I have of her Highness :) Please visit Fiona at The Bridge.

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