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Fiona is a 3-yr old, 40-lb "blonde vizsla", spayed and current on vaccines. We were told she is a lab/vizsla mix but the only possible lab trait she has is her light color... she is fine boned, short coat, vizsla ears, eye color is same as coat and all vizsla in personality. She likes kids but because Fiona herself needs 100% attention and training we are looking for a home with no kids and only one or two adults. She pretty much raised herself with little guidance and right now she needs training, guidance and understanding to bring out the best in her. She spent most of her time in the yard but was allowed in the house at night to sleep with the kids. She has had minimal socialization outside of her immediate family and visiting relatives but she does well meeting both dogs and people. She needs basic training on things like not jumping up on people, counter cruising and she is a door dasher. She is very excitable but is a master cuddler once she settles down. Fiona needs work to build her confidence and on recall but she rides well in the car and is a great traveling buddy. She is very BAD with cats and has no hunting potential.

Jan 2007: Fiona found her forever home with Tracy & crew after spending a lot of time hanging out at her favorite doggie daycare, the Downtown Hound. We thought she was there so the cat could come out of hiding but what she was really up to was kissing up to Auntie Tracy who is now Mom Tracy. Go easy on Cruiser and Shadow and try not to be such a prima dona!

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