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Original story, Dec 2012: Charlie came to UT rescue as an unclaimed shelter stray. He had a few hurdles to cross with being ultra thin, infected ears which turned out to be from imbeded foxtails, and lots of scrapes and scabs. He is recovering well and gaining weight. His tail is docked properly, dews off, neutered, and now microchipped and up to date on shots. His teeth are in good shape and he is estimated to be about 3 years old. He is a bit shy with other dogs but is also coming around to play bows. He appears to be house trained and knows that a dog bed is a comfy spot indeed. Charlie seems to like men and women equally. We do not have young children nor cats so cannot tell you how he would be with them. He has a nice even temper and is not over the top energetic - yet :) We are still getting to know Charlie but he is a typical V who follows you everywhere, loves rubs, and kisses.

Jan 2013: Finley aka Yanoz/Charlie found a new home in short order. His new parents were retired so he got to spend lots of time with his new family. After a few months of walks and loving and playing, due to a fall and broken shoulder, it was decided Yanoz needed a new home where he could truly run.

Julie stepped up to work with some of his behaviors that needed attention. He got a new name of Finley and he lives at the base of the foothills so gets to go on long off leash runs. We cannot say all have been totally successful as he has gotten lost but he knows the way home and one time he came all the way home, per the neighbors, and went back out to find Julie. So, no, the dog was not lost, it was the silly human! Finley has overcome his bad house habits and he now marches into his crate when needed. He has been going to doggie daycare as well and loves it. Thanks Julie for letting this little man invade your life.

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