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Nov 2013: Seven yr old Phoenix was owner surrendered due to a growing family in her original home. A toddler with the introduction of a new baby meant less attention for Phoenix and the family felt a new home would be better for her. She was raised with love but sometimes life brings changes and it wa time for Phoenix to move on. Born 1/5/2006, her foster family found Fia to be a pretty well adjusted girl with good dog-dog skills and friendly with all people. She spent a few weeks in foster care getting a vet visit, vaccines updated and microchipped.

Dec 2013: Just as Fia was getting acquainted with her new family she collapsed on a walk and was diagnosed with a bleeding mass on her spleen. Her age and otherwise good health made her a good candidate for surgery and she underwent an emergency splenectomy at a Salt Lake clinic. She came through the surgery well and became best buddy to her vizsla brother, Bridger. Much thanks to the Vizsla Rescue Fund for their help in funding emergency surgery in a timely manner.

Feb 2016: We are sad to report Fia lost her V brother Bridger to cancer last summer. She now has a much smaller playmate in Zoey the King Charles Spaniel but they get along well except for Fia playing a little too rowdy for the little one. Fia's original mass did come back as malignant but Susan chose to treat her conservatively with diet and supplements and she is truly a success story at 2 years post op and nothing more than a few older dog lumps and bumps.

2019: Please visit Fia at The Bridge.

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