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On Monday 11/6/00 we were contacted by the Brigham City UT shelter that they had a Vizsla, possible mix, that was owner released. Eve was born 1/25/00, had been around children, knew sit and heel, but had been a kennel dog. Mom was a V and dad was a V or Lab. Eve's tail had been docked like a Weim so she has just a stub. She weighed in at 55 lbs as she had been "winterized", which means adding 10+ lbs so that the dog can make it outside in cold winters. Eve went home with Rebecca where she loved playing with foster brother Draco, quickly learned house manners, became familiar with household noises and graduated from crate training school. She loved to carry slippers or shoes whenever possible and learned about kisses and belly rubs. On December 16 Eve caught a plane from Salt Lake City to Seattle to live with the Creswells. In just a few days she appears to have made herself at home as we received the following report:

Eve is the best. It took her all of 5 minutes to get comfortable. She plays for hours with the boys. We took her to a fenced park on a lake where she could run with other dogs yesterday and she had a blast. She won't be chunky for long! She had fun in the lake. She would run in the water and every once in a while reach down and dunk her head. We had a group shower after that which she thought was fun. When we are in different rooms she goes back and forth checking on each of us like she is on patrol. Thanks again for taking such loving care of her and tell Draco that she is just fine.

Eve is definitely home!

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