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We got a call on 2/23/2000 that the same shelter where Amiga came from had a male who's "out" date was today. So we jumped in my car and went to collect him. This new boy is only about a year old, was a stray from the streets with tags but the phone number was disconnected. He is in really good shape and all wiggles and smiles. His name is Ethan because the vet tech said he looked like "Ethan Hawke" and cause Rita C. met him (the real actor) in Park City the same week -- no joke!!!

Penny & Frank drove to Salt Lake City to pick up Ethan to foster him until we could find the perfect home. Ethan got a new name and new home on March 11. Penny & Frank drove Rye part of the way to meet his new family. Christy is a vet student at WSU and was looking for the perfect companion dog to go on hikes and ski trips. She wanted a female but as soon as she saw pictures of Rye she was hooked. Rye now gets to live and play in beautiful Moscow, ID.

Update Nov 2003 Christy writes: We own a house with about half an acre on a creek which Rye can't get enough of--he's either swimming up and down or just sitting by the bank. We are both very active and Rye keeps us great company. This summer Rye went camping however many times, went mountain biking up the Umpqua River trail (he ran 4 miles to our one!), climbed Mt. Thielssen, hiked many other trails, swam in so many rivers and lakes, visited the ocean many times, visited his many dog friends, and what else? cuddled in bed whenever possible...He's really the best dog! He has no faults! He is best friends with our little dog Chuqui. (In 2001 Rye & Christy moved from ID to OR and he has put many happy trail miles between himself and that Utah shelter.)

Dec 2010, Christy writes: Rye is doing really well. He has slowed down a lot but still has fun running in our creek, or going for hikes by the river, or going to the beach. I took him to the respiratory specialist this spring to have his larynx scoped--he does have significant laryngeal paralysis but not enough at this time to warrant the risks of surgery. I thought it would be hard to keep him from running too hard but he seems to regulate himself well. We just have to watch the heat in the summer. I removed a lump off his leg in early fall and it came out benign. He has many lipomas but they don't bother him. Otherwise--he is doing so well. Let me know if I can help with any thing with Vizsla rescue--transport, evaluations, etc.

Jan 2012, Christy writes: Rebecca and Penny-- Thanks for the greetings! Rye is doing great! Can't believe he's lived with me for 12 years! He's doing really good. Have removed several lumps that I was concerned about but none came back as cancer... he has many more that are just fatty tumors. He is sleeping more but still runs fast and hard every day. He's still a great love and a great dog...very very special! Thank you so much for all you do. Let me know if I can do anything for vizsla rescue. Attached are a few pics-ok quite a few- of Rye in 2011 having fun on his many adventures! I've also started a new house call business and Rye is featured on my web page--you can check it out: Care-A-Van House Calls for Pets.

Mar 2012: Rye died the night before a scheduled ultrasound to try and determine the cause of some recent nasal discharge and rising liveer levels. After 12 happy and healthy years together, Rye said good-bye to Christy and died surrounded by love and tears. Visit Rye at The Bridge.

Visit the Photo Gallery for more photos of Rye (new pics 2012).

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