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Original story: Ernie is a big handsome boy at 57 lbs, tail docked, dews removed. He was an unclaimed stray from a local shelter and is approx 3-yrs old. His teeth are worn down more than his age would indicate, but they are clean. This could be from boredom chewing on chain link fence or such. Ernie is housetrained and crate trained. Ernie loves people and is a greeter dog. By greeter I mean he will pick up a shoe/towel/toy off the floor when I come home and parade around with a gurgle growl and wag his tail as fast as it will go. He does not chew the shoe but wants to show me his prize. Ernie is doing well with all the males at my house and loves to play wrestle/chase with Paxton. He loves to play fetch and will bring it back to hand. He does not jump on furniture or the bed but does put his feet up on people from time to time. He sleeps in the kitchen on a dog bed with a baby gate up. He will jump on the bed and curl up for the night if invited. He has the full velvet coat and his coat is as soft as his ears. He does woof at strange noises and due to his size may not be the best choice for an apartment unless he gets lots of off leash exercise. He is unknown with children or cats.

Dec 2009: Ernie & Havoc (Paxton) had become good buddies in foster care. They enjoyed playing tag in the yard and chasing sticks and balls. It was great to find two wonderful homes that lived so close to each other -- OK so out in the wild 1000 miles is close, right? So Ernie's home in MT drove to meet Rebecca in ID and Havoc got to ride along with Ernie to MT. Havoc's dad was driving at the same time, down from Canada to meet him at Ernie's home in MT. So two great dogs got fabulous homes in one caravan drive.

Dec 2009, Bill writes: I canít tell you how thrilled we are to have Ernie as part of our family. Ernie is thrilled too and he shows it. He understands now that the house is his (as long as the Dachshund goes along with it), he owns my pickup, and if he ignores the cat the cat will do likewise with him. The book was right, you never have to go to the bathroom alone with a V in the house. I canít believe all rescue Vizslas are as untroubled and classy as Ernie (weíll keep the name as it seems to suit him well). We just feel so very lucky to have him as part of our family. Thank you for everything.

Dec 2010, Bill writes: Great to get your greeting. Ernie and I are doing wonderfully. Ernie has a new sister and a teenager to help keep him exercised. Actually Ernie has turned into quite the house dog. He has his own spots on the couches and enjoys his new house and family immensely. I was otherwise occupied this year so did not get out to hunt birds but will next year. I will send pictures of a very happy Veezy soon.

Dec 2011: Ernie has become a wonderful friend, great family dog, will be a forever part of my family. He has a new doggie sister, Sadie the Jack Russell, and they play quite well. Sadie is the tougher but Ernie is quicker and much sneakier. We wish you the very best for the Holidays and New Year!

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