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Original story, Oct 2016: Emmett Cache is an approx 10-yr old vizsla who was abandoned at a dog park in Logan UT. He has a wonderful temperament and we cannot fathom how someone could do this to such a lovely boy. He has some large fatty tumors that could have been easily removed when they were smaller but otherwise appears to be in good health. He contracted kennel cough at the shelter which turned into pneumonia but he is now on the mend after spending 24 guarded hours on oxygen and IV fluids at WestVet Emergency Center in Boise (thank you WestVet!). Now that his lungs have cleared he is scheduled for a dental and removal of some of those lumps. We are still getting to know him but if you are looking to offer a loving retirement home to a beautiful senior please contact Penny.

Emmett is confident, happy and quiet and he loves loves LOVES playing with other dogs... especially vizslas! He has decent recall and loves other dogs and people of all sizes. He does have some separation anxiety so needs a home able to manage this until he settles into his new surroundings. He is great in the car and loves car rides, the dog park and play dates. He is manageable with dog savvy cats but might do best in a home without cats. He would love a home with another dog buddy.

Nov 2016: Emmett found that perfect home with Mike & Pretzel who was adopted in 2011. Pretzel had recently lost his V brother and Mike was looking for a play buddy similar in age to Pretzel. Mike made the trek through the snowy Cascades to meet Penny in Juntura OR the day before Thanksgiving and Emmett was on his way home. Thanks Mike for giving an older dog a great home. We're pretty sure Emmett knows he will never be abandoned again!

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