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Elly was given up due to illness in the family. She was well socialized and raised as a member of the family and already knew all about sleeping in beds, kids, cats, treats and going outside to potty. Karen and Pat agreed to babysit Elly for 3 months to see if the dog was the cause of the health problems. After 3 months away from the house and family it appeared Elly was at least part of the problem so her family made the painful decision to give her up permanently and the search began for a new and equally loving home for her. (Of course, now there were two families who were going to miss her because Karen & Pat had also fallen in love with the little princess.)

Mike and Laura had recently lost their 12-yr old girl to cancer and needed a Vizsla to love again. One dog can never replace another but we are sure Elly will do her Vizsla best to fill the pawprints in their hearts that Cheyenne left for her to follow. At 2-1/2 years Elly still needs a considerable amount of exercise but she seems to also understand the importance of keeping her couch potato skills finely tuned for the days to come when she might not have quite as much energy. She will get to do lots of hiking and cross country skiing in the Colorado mountains and we can't wait to see pictures of her in her little coat and booties!!

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