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Ella is an 8-yo female (b. 1/21/2002) looking for a new home due to life changes in her original family. She is friendly and sweet and a relatively small vizsla at about 45-lbs. She is on medication for infrequent anxiety attacks and her foster home is making progress with her... trying to figure out what her triggers are and how to manage the spells when they occur. She does not have separation anxiety in our opinion but a bee in the house can set off a panic attack that last 15-20 minutes. She is not crate trained although she eats in her crate as long as the door is open. She travels reasonably well in the car. If you have the experience to deal with her special needs, you won't find a sweeter dog than Ella, but she does need a home with the patience and experience to help her work through her "spells". She is excellent with other dogs, cats and people. She is fine meeting kids of all ages while out on a hike but would not do well living with young children who are too young to understand when she needs her space. More photos (Ella is in Boise ID)

Here are some short videos showing a typical panic attack:
Ella panic attack 1
Ella panic attack 2

Jul 2009: Ella just returned from a 10-day road trip to Olympia, Seattle, Orcas Island & the Olympic Peninsula where she traveled like a pro! She had a couple panic attacks (reaction to fireworks?) where we needed to intervene but overall she was a great traveler and motel camper extraordinaire. We discovered she LOVES water and is in heaven with a tennis ball in her mouth.

Nov 2009: Ella has been moved to our foster home in Moscow ID where Teresa reports she is doing well with the resident dogs, cats and horses. She would do best in a situation similar to her foster home where someone lives where they work and can take Ella with them if they have to be away.

Jun 2010: Ella came back to Boise this month when she started having panic attacks related to bees/flies, tractors in the field and crop dusting planes flying over in the rural area. She is as special as ever and so far and has had no problem settling back into the pack and city life. This past weekend she accompanied us on a trip to the Henrys Fork to say our godd-byes to Frank and she had a grand time hiking along the river and diving for sunken logs to try and get us to toss for her. Ladybug & Annie gave her a run for her money though in the fetch department! She did have a couple of episodes in the car that were manageable but she will require a home willing/able to manage the occasional panic attacks. Ella can often be seen on the webcam at The Downtown Hound weekdays from 9 to 5 Mountain time. She's the vizsla with the white *mask* and short tail.

Sep 2010: Ella's dream came true when one of the staff at the Downtown Hound decided the time was right to bring Ella into her home permanently. Ella had been working on Aubrey off and on for a year and finally hit the jackpot. We miss her quirky happy ways so we understand why Aubrey loves her so much.

Nov 2010, Aubrey writes: I wanted to send you some pics of Ella and give you a little update! I only work 3 days a week because of school now, so I haven't seen you in awhile and didn't want you to worry. Ella recently went back to the vet because she had a little bit of diarrhea. The vet at Orchard said she just had a stomach bug and it would go away with a bland diet of chicken and rice, and it did. Also they said she was at a good weight and seemed to be in good health (besides the 2 days she had diarrhea) and has healed up well from her procedures. Ella and both cats get along great and even play tag and sleep together! Ella even shares her beds with them, but I have yet to get a pic of that. She still loves fetch and going for runs/walks around the neighborhood. She doesn't even need her "no pull" harness anymore. She also loves to go visit at my parents' house and go for walks with Tori my family's doberman. It has been a very pleasant experience having Ella as part of my family and can't imagine my home with out her now!

Dec 2011: Miss Ella is doing very well! She still loves to fetch, swim, go running, and play with other dogs at daycare! So happy to have her in my life! Here are some pics! Hope all is well with the rescue and the other doggies! Thank you for all that you do for them and have done for Ella! Happy Holidays!

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