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Spring 2002: Eddy is looking for an owner who is just as special as he is! He is a pint-sized 3-yr old vizsla/brittany mix, housebroken, okay with cats, crate trained and loves to snuggle but is full of attitude and needs an experienced owner. He is a high-energy sweetheart in a compact 40-lb package, not a door dasher, slops water everywhere when he drinks but takes treats nicely from hand and a master snuggler on the couch. Eddy can be owner possessive around other dogs so needs an owner who can manage this behavior and might do best as an only dog. We've all got issues and Eddy is just looking for somebody who can appreciate his! Both vizslas and brittanys are hunting dogs so will have some similar qualities, but Eddy is VERY Britt in personality & activity level.

Sep 2002: Eddy will be your best friend and will do anything to please you but we think he will always need supervision with other dogs. Eddy is a classic case of a puppy who was placed too young and he missed out on a critical socialization period with his mother and littermates. He spent his early months on a rope in the yard- alone- and, while he is 100% reliable with all people, he does not want to share his humans with other dogs. If you can offer Eddy the security he needs you will not find a more loving companion. (If you are considering buying a puppy from a breeder, please, please, PLEASE do not let them tell you it's okay to take your puppy home as soon as he is weaned. It is NOT okay and Eddy is a classic example of why. To learn more about why this is so important, please read What age is best?)

Oct 2003: After fostering Eddy for 18 months we've decided he might already be home. He's not the easiest dog to live with and he is waaaaaay too busy for the average dog owner but this little guy has a heart as big as Texas and as long as he is willing to put up with all of the foster dogs he will have a home with us in Idaho. We would still consider adoption to a home within 100 miles of Boise who has the experience and desire to live with a dog like Eddy so please don't hesitate to inquire if you love the Brittany personality (with an edge) and live in the Boise area. Contact Penny Fenton pfenton@utahvizsla.org, 208.343.6620 (h) or 208.334.0313 (w).

Jan 2007: We don't know if Eddy is getting better or we are just learning to live with him but life gets easier all the time. We're including him in more activities and make sure he gets extra attention and off-leash runs when we have new foster dogs. New dogs also mean he gets to go to work with Penny and that means lunchtime walks to the hotdog wagon (his favorite training treat!) and meeting people in funny costumes aka suits. In January, Eddy joined us for a trip to the Oregon coast and, after he got over the initial worry that we drove right past the boarding kennel and forgot to drop him off, he realized this was his chance to shine and show us what good traveler he can be. He was an absolute gem at the motel and ran his little heart out in the surf. (See pics)

May 2011: In April the vet discovered a mass on Eddy's liver and a subsequent x-ray showed a mass also in his left lung. This came as quite a shock because the only possible signs of a problem was an occasional bout of soft stools. Because the masses have already spread surgery is not an option. We don't know how much time we have left with our special boy but we aim to make the most of every day we have left with him and we know Frank is looking over us. No one believed in Eddy more than Frank.

Dec 2011: Eddy, Zoe and Addie got a new brother last summer when Bodie moved in permanently.

Jan 2012: A milestone month for Eddy. He turned 11-yrs in December and continues to enjoy life with runs in the winter desert. He told Santa all he wanted for Christmas was an appetite and Santa delivered as he continues to eat enough every day to keep going. We don't believe he's in pain and as long as life is still fun for him we'll keep on truckin' with him.

May 2012: More milestones for Eddy. It was April a year ago when he was diagnosed with inoperable tumors in his liver & left lung. Can't say he's going strong but he's still a happy boy and we are just taking one day at a time. Over the weekend he went on a 2-hr walk in the desert near Sandhollow with his "cow dawg" and vizsla friends, ate finger steaks and 2 cans of A/D. Today, 5/15/2012, he had acupuncture and received fluids and a vit B shot to help with his appetite. We'll try to get him up to Castle Rock this week for a view of the neighborhood.

[Note: We believe Eddy is likely a littermate to Duff and Taz. There were reportedly 5 pups in Duff's litter and all had short red vizsla coats. Mom was a Brittany and it was an intentional cross breeding by two hunting buddies.]

Jun 2012: Eddy lost his battle with liver & lung cancer at the end of June. He lived 14 months beyond his diagnosis and, since it was considered untreatable, he was never sick from chemo or other medical treatments. I wish all dogs and their owners could be so lucky to be able to live every day to the fullest. I wish we could have made one more trip to the beach, one more camping trip, one more hike up to Castle Rock, one more......... I'll catch up with you later little buddy. Visit Eddy at The Bridge.

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