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Original story, Apr 2012: Shadow is an 18-mo purebred vizsla owner surrendered by his second home because he was gun shy and didn't like living in the kennel with the other huntin' dawgs. Kristen had lost her vizsla Jake at the ripe old age of 14-yrs several months prior and was now ready to have a vizsla in her life again. She agreed to foster Shadow and, well, as often happens.... she decided to foster him for the rest of his life.

May 2012 : Shadow got the new name of Duke to go with his new happy life as hiking/biking buddy and best friend to Kristen and her growing family.

Jul 2013, Kristin writes: Hello you two!! I'm not sure why but I perused the Vizsla rescue site yesterday and feel like I need to give you an update on our little Duke. He's been with us a year and a half now. We get him out almost every day off leash in either Millcreek, Tanner or the foothills behind 3300 S./Wasatch Blvd. so he's much more manageable. At first we struggled with his obsession with shadows and reflections. I'd love to report that the issues are resolved but I can't. The good news is that they are WAAAYY more manageable now. On some days, even non-existent. I think I already told you that he stuck his face in a Porcupine about two weeks after we adopted him. As you know, the adventure (re: stress) never ends with a Vizsla. Two months ago we hired someone to take down the shed in our backyard (and haul it away). We didn't realize there was Rat Poison in the shed so it ended up on our back porch (exposed). Long story short, Duke ate the whole box. Unfortunately, it was the neurological kind with no antidote. We spent 48 hours on pins and needles with Duke at the Cottonwood clinic being treated aggressively for the poison--happy ending. He was released with no symptoms at the end of the weekend. Since then we've been drama free. We now have a nine month old toddler in the house. So far Duke has been extremely tolerant of the changes around here. I really believe that it's due to the consistent exercise and the fact that Duke gets a place on the couch after the baby goes to bed every night. I will send our 4th of July photo after this. I feel like we might be able to foster again in the future. Thanks for what you do...I spent an hour on your website last night reading success stories and rainbow bridge. It puts me in tears every time. Have a great weekend.

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