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Jeeper aka Sir Bryant Cooper Shay Rusty and now Duke was taken to a local shelter by his family. They said that he was picked on by another dog in the family and he was losing weight. He was born 9/29/04 and has an AKC pedigree, although not much to write home about. His grandparents are Heath Sir William, Sharas Sassy Lady, Zip A Windrunner, and Cherokee's Sequoya. His tail was docked way too short, dews are removed, he is currently about 30 lbs. and gaining good weight since these photos, neutered, micro chipped. We call him Jeeper the Creeper due to his silly habit of stretching out his back legs while on his belly and inching his way toward you when he is playing. He has a cow lick that starts on top of his head and runs down his nose, white on both his back toes, and white on his chest in the shape of #7. Jeeper is housetrained, crate trained, has pretty decent leash skills, and rides well in the car (he prefers shotgun on the front seat). Jeeper has been allowed on furniture and sleeps in the bed. He loves other dogs and did really well at giving a cat at the vet's office a full bath so I think with proper monitoring he would be good with cats. He is still very much a puppy and has been seen stealing slippers or shoes and chewing on the corner of a blanket. Jeeper for a 6 mos old puppy is very mellow in the house and a good TV snuggle buddy. He will need his 3rd set of puppy shots and a Rabies shot.

April 2005 update: Duke has been a great addition to our family and is fitting in well. He has been very well behaved. Duke is definitely a lap dog. His leash skills are improving and he is quite good at sit/stay. Duke has made some new friends with a couple of mutts our friends have. He has been on a few outings to the pet stores and to the parks. We want to thank your organizations for setting us up with such a great puppy. We couldn't be happier.

June 2005: I thought that you would like to see some more pics; these are with Jackie's parents' dogs Thunder and Storm. He loves playing with them both but Thunder and Duke have become very good friends. Duke is doing very well he is about 22 inches tall and 40 lbs. Although he is about 6 foot when fully extended across our bed and takes up most of the middle so that HE can get a good night sleep. We would like to thank you again for such a wonderful dog we are so happy and we know that Duke is too.

Nov 2005: We just wanted to say hi and let you know how Duke is doing. He just turned one on Sept 29 and past his basic training class with flying colors Oct 27. We are seriously looking into some more advanced classes because Duke just loves showing off all of his new skills. And we included some photos of his recent trips out to Blacks Creek. We take him up a couple times a week to run around with his friend Koshi and the two of them just go nuts. We are still soooo happy to have him and can't image life without him. Hopefully one of these days when Duke gets just a bit older and learns to mind all his manners we will get another visla to keep him company. Jackie and Ernie PS. Duke says "Hi" too!

Spring 2006: Last winter Duke got a new sister when his family adopted a "grey vizsla" named Holly.

Feb 2007: It wasn't supposed to be this way but Duke lost his new found play buddy all too soon when she passed from kidney disease at barely 2-yrs old. Shortly after losing Holly, Ernie & Jackie adopted Rita so Duke again has a sister to hang out with.

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