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Duke is 2-1/2 yo vizsla (b. 10/2005) who came into rescue because his family didn't have enough time to spend with him. His foster mom says Duke is a great dog! He has a wonderful personality. He minds well, is house broken, crate trained, kennel trained. He is playful but would rather hunt than play with toys. Raised as an only dog, he will try to show his dominance with other dogs but a stern verbal correction will back him down. He loves the water so would likely retrieve land or water fowl. He is respectful of the horses. He is a bit independent so will stray from the other dogs to search for birds. He does have a great recall so even if he gets out of site he will come when called or whistled at. He is curious about the cat and LOVES cat food but shows no aggression toward her. He will need an experienced owner that can keep him well exercised.... both physically and mentally. He is high energy and would prefer to be outside running and playing to laying around the house. He enjoys the snow but will go swimming even when it is cold so he will need to be watched if out hiking in the winter in areas with ponds lakes or streams. He is beautiful to watch work a bird field once he settles down to business. With proper training this boy will be the envy of the hunting group but, as always, he must be a family member first and hunter second.

June 2008: Duke found his perfect home with Todd & Erin and is constantly on the go with them as they explore their new neighborhood as a team. Duke is helping them discover the best dog-friendly restaurants, concert venues and hiking trails in his new home town. Duke is all about birds and hunting and we hope to have some good huntin' tales from him come fall. Run fast, Duke... but come back when you're called!

May 2009: Duke got a new buddy this weekend when Todd & Erin adopted Connor, a black mouth cur, from the Idaho Humane Society in Boise. Mind your manners now Duke because your new puppy buddy outweighs you by a bunch!

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