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Original story: Rusty was born Nov 28, 2007, sire Mair's Duke, dam Penny's Paige of Paradise. He is about 24" and should be about 55-lbs, tail docked, dews off. Rusty was advertised on a local internet site. In his prior home he lived outside in a kennel with a lab who did not like him. His ears and face show the scars, including a chunk of his ear flap being missing. Rusty is truly one of the most gentle and loving dogs we have hosted. He adores other dogs and really wants to play but is understandably cautious. He leaps in the air, pounces on tennis balls, will steal a towel to shake it and play chase with you. There were 8-14 yo kids in the family and while he lived outside, I have no doubt that Rusty will be fine with older children. He is learning house manners and has not had an accident at all. He is also being crate trained as we would not advise leaving him a yard alone when gone. He is still a puppy so I would not leave him with free run of the house. He is not an avid chewer but has picked up a shoe or two. He is a typical high energy dog outside but loves nothing better than to cuddle up with you on the couch. He is sleeping on a dog bed at the foot of our bed. Rusty must go to a home with NO CATS. His prior family reports that he goes nuts when he sees cats and in fact killed a cat he chased. Due to his prey drive we are looking for a home with a good 6 foot fence and no small dogs. Rusty should be kept on lead on any city walks with a keen eye to cats being around. He was run off lead in the fields and stayed close to the husband who worked most with him. He also has been to a gun range and does not appear gun shy but he was not formally hunted. We hope that Rusty can find a home with another younger dog that can also play with him or if he is an only dog, to have the chance to play with friends dogs who love to also play.

Dec 2012, Cheryl writes: Thanks for all that you do! We so much love the Vizslas that we have adopted through your organization (Dugan and Jake). Our boy, Dugan (formerly was Rusty) is doing great. He is such a funny boy, always bouncing; and is such a huge sweetheart. Our weimeramer mix dog, Roux, that we got through a local animal shelter is aging quickly; and my husband has already been thinking he would like to get another vizsla so that Dugan has a friend. Dugan very much likes being with other dogs and we think he would be lost without a buddy. So we will probably be in touch within the next few years (but hopefully not soon). Special thanks to Carmen and Patt for helping to drive and get Dugan home!

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