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Original story: Dori was owner released to rescue due to family illness. She was pretty undersocialized and is often fearful in new and unknown situations but after spending several weeks with Mandie & her staff at Lucky Dog Day & Night Care, we felt she was ready to find a home of her own.

Dave & Carmela had recently lost their beloved weimaraner to cancer at far too young an age and were looking to help fill the void in their hearts. Having had vizslas previously Dori seemed like a good match. Dori apparently thought so too because when Don came to visit she, for the first time during her time in our care, literally climbed in Don's lap at their first meeting. She still has a ways to go but she is already a part of their lives and they will help her along life's path.

Feb 2011, Dave writes: We’re blessed to have Dori as part of our family. She’s remarkably smart and is adapting to the ‘home rules’ amazingly well (having quality treats in the pocket at all times helps for training purposes). We’ll keep you current with her experience as the youngest of the family. She races a circuit around the backyard frequently and likes to play ‘keep away’ with small sticks. We go for long walks along the many cycle paths in the area (many in nature preserves or large parks). She has a long leash and harness but I don’t dare let her off of it as she considers the many birds overwhelmingly interesting and the squirrils as ‘play toys’. She’s getting along well with our cats. Tom has no fear which evidnetly has helped Jim and Bitty - as when they ignore her, she then generally ignors them (though she finds it unbearably intolerable when they play with one of her toys, and she still hopes that she can get them to ‘flush,’... which would mean ‘play time’ for her. We’ll keep working on those perspectives :) Thanks again for all of the work that you do with Vizsla Rescue and thank you for making it possible to adopt Dori. She’s a real treasure.

Jun 2012, Dave writes: She's racing through our yard and our hearts - and everywhere that we take her. She was victorious when it came to sleeping in bed with us (Carmela gave way after a few nights and now she wouldn't have it any other way). Dori is amazingly precocious and all about making sure that she's part of the family... and for all of her boundless energy and full enthusiasm she still has a very gentle and submissive nature. She's won our hearts as if she were our only daughter, and we're motivated to get out on the hiking path or to the doggy park quite often for her sake. She knows the routine, and gets very excited when she can smell that we're getting close to any of her walking spots!

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