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Original story: We will never understand why someone can have a dog for 10+ years and then not look for him when he gets lost. "Donny" is an approx 10-yr old purebred vizsla who was a shelter stray and his owner didn't come for him. He's not the most handsome vizsla in the world but he's a friendly old boy and the short tail dock is not his fault! He rides well in the car, walks nicely on a lead, has been fine with the other dogs in his foster home and is manageable with cats. He is interested in the cat but a simple "uh-uh" distracts him. His house manners are good despite the fact that he was probably an outside dog and requires an invitation to come inside. He does not get on the furniture... yet. If you liked Walter Matthau's character in the film Grumpy Old Men you will LOVE Donny!
Oct 12 2007: Donny underwent surgery this week to remove a tumor on his spleen and we are hopeful for a full recovery. We doubt the surgery will improve his attitude but he manages the chaos in his foster home like a gentleman. Donny is not great meeting other dogs but once he settles into his pack he does well.... including a newly added chi/doxie mix!
Oct 28 2007: Good news! Donny's tumor was not cancer and we hope he still has several good years ahead of him. He doesn't like pushy dogs who get in his face and will tell them so but he learns quickly that being a jerk makes the petting stop so he puts up with them. Donny is a counter cruiser and dumpster diver so we recommend crating when you are gone. If you have a calm home with room on the couch for one more dog please consider Donny. A home within a day's drive of Boise ID is preferred.

(We would like to thank the VCA Welfare Foundation and the Vizsla Rescue Fund for their assistance with Donny's medical bills.)

May 27, 2009: Happy Anniversary! Donny passed his 2 year anniversary in foster care over Memorial Day weekend 2009. It's a milestone we wish no vizsla has to experience because we would much rather they find a home all their own to spoil them rotten but, like Eddy before him, we figure Donny knew all along he was as home as he was ever gonna get. He has not been an easy dog to live with but he seems quite pleased with himself overall. In two years he has never learned to get on the furniture (it just never occurs to him) and he still waits to be asked to come inside when the door opens but he is always the first to try out a new floor pillow and he LOVES loves loves fresh blankets in his crate. Welcome home, Donny.

Feb 2010: Donny has new friends. Besides the great staff at Boise Kennels
who provide daycare for Donny while Penny works, Kathy & Jim have become Donny's guardian angels and watch him frequently when we have to go out of town, to a class or just have errands to run. He loves his daily walks with Dahlia and lounging around the house... his specialty! It helps us to know other people can see past Donny's problems and appreciate him for the special dog he is. Their home is one of the few places where he truly seems to relax.

Aug 2010: Donny passed away this month, still in foster care. His legs finally couldn't carry him any farther and on August 28th we said good-bye to our difficult but very special boy. He passed peacefully with Penny at his side and Frank, Maggie, Freddy, Emmy, Rudy & the others waiting for him on the other side.

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