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JACK (was DOC)

Dr. Jack Jones was a stray pulled from the Provo shelter. He is a young male V mix with a natural tail and happy nature. He played well with all the boys at my house and is a couch and bed pro. Doc was house and crate trained. Bosco had been looking for a brother and so Jeremy came to see if the two boys seemed to like each other. Doc thought Bosco was pretty cool and so went home a few days later with Jeremy and Amy. Jeremy reports the boys get along great. Dr. Jack is a runner ala escape artist and it was discovered during an x-ray due to him limping, that he has a steel plate in his leg. Jeremy also found out that Dr. Jack is not fond of guns. "We ran into a large rocky mountain rattler on the trail the other day. I had to eliminate the snake due to his location. Jack didn't like that. He stood stock still on the first shot I fired and bailed on the second one. Fortunately he loves the truck and feels very safe whenever he's inside the truck shell. Bosco and I found him sitting in the back as if it was home sweet home. Enjoy having a twosome around for twice the trouble!

Dec 2010, Jeremy writes: Happy Holidays kids, hope this email finds you and your pack well. Iíve attached a pic of the boys post bath sunning themselves. Bosco and Jack say woof back at ya!

Oct 2014, Jeremy writes: Not to be the bearer of bad news but just wanted to let you know after 12 years of having our wonderful Jack around I had to put him down a couple Fridays back at age 13. He developed some nerve damage in his spine that began causing a whole slew of problems and he was no longer living the life of a happy dog. I can honestly say, that was, without a doubt, the hardest thing Iíve ever done in my 42 years of life. Old man Bosco, age 15 now, is still doing quite well and together weíve managed through it. We even went for a walk with the shotgun up in the hills looking for grouse so we could take our minds off Jack. It did help. Didnít see any birds though and Bosco was only good for a small loop before he became tired and wanted his bed and a milk bone. Thank you so very much for rescuing Jack. He brought an unprecedented amount of Joy to my life as well as Boscoís Iím sure. He will be missed. Please visit Jack Jones at The Bridge

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