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Dink is a very young-for-his-age 10-yr old, good with other dogs, cats and horses with just a hint of white showing on his muzzle. He was given up by his original owner after he developed separation anxiety that his owner didn't feel he could manage. We believe this is manageable anxiety and with a little committment from his new family he should do fine. He was raised on a farm but has adjusted well to city life, rides well in the car, housebroken but not crate trained.

Sep 2003: Dink caught a ride to Jackson WY with Penny & Caralea (Freddy's mom) to meet up with Sue, who put him up for a week until Dewitt & Julia could get up to WY to pick him up. The bonus was that Sue got to see her former foster girl, Deeva, and everyone else had an excuse to visit beautiful Wyoming! Dink was welcomed in his new home with several days of thunderstorms and there is no question this is one of his great fears but we hope with patience and care he will be able to cope and enjoy his golden years. All who have met him agree he is a great all-around pal and trail dog and he will now be living the good life hanging out on the farm and trail riding with horses, humans and his new V sister, Deeva. Between Julia & Dewitt and their friend Dan, he should never want for someone to hang out with. He has a new name of MickDink... or McDink... so would that make him a Scottish vizsla?

Jan 2007: Dinky died suddenly on December 28, 2006. We are saddened but at the same time happy that he was able to spend his senior years surrounded by a loving family in the mountains and canyons of Colorado.

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