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May 2013: Digger ended up in a MT shelter through no fault of his own. The shelter contacted rescue because he was anxious and stressed in the shelter environment. Our MT volunteer pulled him and began working with him on focus exercises and he showed improvement. Shortly after getting Digger into rescue we were contacted by Digger's original owner who was devastated by the circumstances that had landed Digger in the shelter and wanted to step up and be there for him. Being with Scott again was clearly in Digger's best interest and Digger & Scott wasted no time getting back to their life together.

Scott writes: Digger and I are doing well, looking forward to some hikes after a protracted Montana Snowshoe Season :) Digger now has a 'plus one' ... Meet Aspen, she is a 7 month old Vizsla pup who was turned in to the Heart of the Valley (where I continue to volunteer) last week, so I brought Digger down for a play date and it was a perfect match for the two. She's sweet & spunky but quiet and attentive, and Digger has a new best friend to tug at his ears and wrestle with and play chase & keep away with the tug-o-rope. He's busy showing her the 'rules' and has taken to the 'follow me' aproach of guiding little Aspen in the household routines, such as this is where we wait for food, and here's the fridge where bones are distributed upon Scott's return from work. Even the 'now' we go out side & pee task has been taken over for me as he leads the way for her. Thanks Again.

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