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Dezso is an approximately 3yr old boy who came to rescue in May by way of a shelter and his owner's illness. In May, Dezso made the trek with Penny & Frank to meet Linda in Pendleton and was safe in Seattle by nightfall. By the next day he had a new name of Dezso, meaning "desired" in Hungarian, and was on his way to learning just how much his new name was going to mean to him.

Typical of vizslas coming from shelters he was a bit shell-shocked and terribly thin but in caring hands he gained weight and began the journey back to crazy vizsladom. He spent a couple weeks with Katelyn & Jeff, Brody & Lukas recuperating from kennel cough so as not to put 12-yr old Garth at any risk. As soon as he had a clean bill of health he moved in with Linda, Cliff, his V sister Molly and Garth. Everyday is still a new adventure for Dezso and he is now playing with balls, considering sleeping with Molly and Linda reports the old man, Garth, is enjoying him as much as anyone in the household and seems to love being the head of his expanded pack. Thank you Katelyn, Linda & Cliff for making things happen for Dezso as he starts down his new road in life. Enjoy your tall, lanky Idaho boy!

Jan 2005 update: This week we celebrated Molly Day, the third anniversary of the day Molly came home. So we thought it would be a good time to send out a red-dog update and some photos. All in all Molly is a very happy girl. Her favorite activity in the whole world is playing ball. Rain or shine she loves to play outside with her fuzzy tennis balls. She likes to make leaps and spins to catch the ball, even when the extra acrobatics aren't really necessary. She'll even run and put her ball behind a bush, run back around, and point at it until we make it fly out. (We call this suburban hunting)... Dezso is doing well too. His favorite activity is still going for rides, followed closely by going for walks, being continually pet, and being in the sunshine. If you can some how combine two or more of these he is even more elated. Now if we could just figure out how to stop all of this rain, life would be really grand.

June 2005: Dez & Molly got a new dog house this year when Cliff & Linda moved to 5 acres in the middle of the woods. "We have fenced the area right behind the house and this summer we are going to fence the meadow just below the house. Molly and Dez are loving it. We all get to have a lot more outdoor time and a lot less stress. We've attached some pictures. One is of Dez watching his birds and the other is of Molly doing something we never saw her do at the old house. The long title for the second picture is This is your Vizsla. This is your Vizsla on five acres. Any questions?".

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